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5 tips for building customer loyalty

In e-commerce as in any sector of activity, especially when you are a freelancer, customer loyalty is a crucial step. For your freelance business to be viable, you must build a loyal clientele and always have new clients. Word of mouth remains the best advertising to reward effective relationship marketing.

1/ Develop a customer retention relationship

Customer satisfaction is now at the heart of the concerns of any self-respecting professional, whether a business manager or a self-employed person. Customer relationship management through a successful loyalty program is a marketing strategy in its own right. This is called relationship marketing. This type of marketing is based on the fact that satisfied customers form excellent communication channels.

2/ Build a clientele with good customer relations

Putting the customer at the center of your interests is the best way to show him that serving your customers is your priority. Personalizing the relationship with the most loyal customers indirectly increases your customer base. Customer satisfaction and your relationships with consumers are sure to echo on social media. Keeping up with current customers is therefore just as important as acquiring new customers: a loyal customer base increases your customer base!

3/ Take care of your best customers to retain customers

Strengthening customer loyalty and keeping a certain number of customers will allow you to continue your business for the long term. Note that an INSEE study has shown that most freelancers do not make it for lack of acquired customers. The fact is, too many freelancers focus on winning over new consumers, rather than striving for satisfaction and loyalty. Big mistake: winning a customer is one thing, keeping customers is another. If you don't focus on retaining customers, your competition will with marketing automation and prospecting!

4/ Understand the client's needs for a relationship of trust

Personalizing the customer relationship promotes loyalty. The commercial relationship and the proximity with the customers will be done via perfectly developed relational programs. To establish a good customer relationship, you must start by establishing a barometer of customer satisfaction. Aggregate digital marketing data to measure customer satisfaction and follow-up. To establish a good customer relationship strategy, you will need to launch a satisfaction questionnaire or carry out satisfaction surveys. Determining the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction as well as the expectations of its customers is essential to improve loyalty.

5/ A relational program to increase customer loyalty

To increase loyalty and support its customers, you will have to provide the customer with what he wants. Growing and retaining customers requires new products, good after-sales service and an effective CRM strategy. However, for a real lasting relationship, nothing beats a personalized loyalty program, to allow its customers to feel unique and valued. Customer knowledge is essential here, because each satisfied customer must be able to feel understood and prioritized.

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