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5 tips for dealing with an unhappy customer

5 tips for dealing with an unhappy customer

In the professional environment, especially in freelance where your reputation makes your business, the management of the customer relationship and the customer satisfaction rate are essential aspects. A dissatisfied customer will not fail to sound the alerts around him with a lot of negative comments and negative opinions. Whether in satisfaction surveys or on the various forums related to your business: a dissatisfied customer is very bad publicity for you. So how do you deal with a difficult customer or a demanding customer who is unhappy and does not fail to express his displeasure? Here are 5 tips that will allow you to better manage each customer and calm them down.

1/ Receipt of the complaint and the case of dissatisfaction

Your e-reputation and your brand image will be in danger if your customer complains publicly and expresses his dissatisfaction on social networks. This is why it is so important to listen carefully to the complaints of your customers and to know how to respond calmly. To best respond to his requests and satisfy him, it is necessary to know how to show empathy. Start by accepting his dissatisfaction, so that you can take corrective action.

2/ Understand the sources of customer dissatisfaction

Following receipt of the client's request, it is difficult to know how to react immediately. The acknowledgment of issues of discontent through rephrasing is a kind of psychic delay, which allows you to deal with your inner emotions as much. To assuage customer dissatisfaction, do an objective complaint analysis and put yourself in the shoes of your dissatisfied customers: is the customer dissatisfaction justified and how can you satisfy this demand now? Figure out how to explain to the customer what happened and use active listening to handle the complaint.

3/ Business relationship customer dissatisfaction: An apology and a solution

How to handle difficult situations and how to meet customer expectations? Propose a solution. In order to continuously improve your services as a freelancer, you must take customer feedback into account and deal with their aggressiveness. Your responsiveness regarding the resolution of the problem will greatly contribute to increasing the level of satisfaction of the said customer. Note, however, that this will greatly depend on the typology of customers and your treatment process.

4/ Make a commercial gesture to win back your loyal customer

Dealing with customer complaints often goes hand in hand with defusing the situation and offering compensation as compensation. Faced with an opportunistic clientele, you will often have to respond to complaints with a commercial gesture, to apologize and as a form of loyalty. Commercial gestures make it possible to win back a disappointed customer.

5/ Improve the customer journey and improve its service

Allow dissatisfied customers to express their dissatisfaction openly and listen to what they have to say, even if it means rephrasing to understand, before apologizing. Unless they are really difficult or bad faith customers, most customers openly express their reasons for dissatisfaction in order to allow you to rectify the situation. It also allows you to take stock of yourself and improve through constructive criticism.

5/ Respect its financial commitments

As a business owner, you may need to obtain loans from a bank to optimize your cash flow.

Note: It is necessary to open a specific account, dedicated to your activity and not to use your personal account.

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