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I don't have experience, can I go freelance?

I don't have experience, can I go freelance?

Does freelancing and the legal status of self-employed appeal to you? Working as a freelancer offers flexibility but finding a job seems increasingly difficult due to competition. It will be all the more complicated if you do not have professional experience in the field of entrepreneurship and the establishment of independent projects. But it is not impossible. Find out how to set up on your own even without experience.

Working independently: How is my business going?

A sole proprietorship is a lifelong affair. Becoming a freelancer or getting started and opening your own micro-enterprise nevertheless has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the social protection of the self-employed is significantly lower compared to the status of employee. With a self-employed status, of course, you can be more independent, however this also implies having to do prospecting to have your first freelance clients. You will also have some social charges to pay as a self-employed person. But rest assured: Although becoming self-employed is quite difficult, if others have done it, you can too! One of the main advantages of being self-employed is that you can pursue a professional activity that you really love.

Someone independent must find an independent solution

Many workers who no longer support subordination and the hierarchical system wish to start an activity and work as a freelancer. But being independent means having self-employed status and finding assignments. Even if you do not yet have experience in your field, you can get started provided you have a minimum knowledge of project management and the development of an effective business plan. It may be, especially if you enter the digital and e-commerce, that you have to register in the commercial register.

Before becoming self-employed and embarking on this great adventure, it is preferable that you do a little simplified market research as well as a watch to see what is already being done. Do like the others already active in the web business, but think about specializing in order to make a difference. You will only be given interesting assignments if you know how to stand out as a passionate and talented digital nomad.

Creation of a site to get a job

Working as a freelancer requires the creation of an individual business with its micro-entrepreneur status. To find clients as a freelance graphic designer, programmer, IT developer, computer scientist, freelance web editor and others, you will first need to have a good visual identity. Self-employment and being your own boss involves getting leads and making money. Freelance research related to your independent activity will be necessary to boost your turnover.

Try matchmaking platforms for the freelance market

Aside from managing your own website to do your advertising web marketing, you can go to networking sites and platforms. These will allow you to start working independently while continuing to learn and set up your web project.

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