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What are the benefits of using Spayce?

What are the benefits of using Spayce?

Being a freelancer is not always easy. Between having to take care of accounting, prospecting, communication and even legal matters, you have only one desire: that we don't come to put a spoke in your wheels. And yet there is a very recurring phenomenon that is added to the very long list of tasks for freelancers: managing late payments, or even unpaid bills.

We designed Spayce to take the hassle out of you, so you can focus on your work. After all, we doubt you've become a freelancer to chase customer payments!

Concretely, what are my advantages in using Spayce?

Using Spayce is above all to have the guarantee that you will be paid, and on time.

The daily life of a freelancer is already quite full, which is why we have made sure that using Spayce is as simple and intuitive as possible. All you have to do is upload your files, enter the amount the customer will have to pay and validate the transfer. No more than 2 steps! The customer will be able to preview the files sent, and, if he wants to recover them, will have to pay the requested amount.

By requiring your customers to pay in order to retrieve the documents, you obtain the certainty that the payment will be made on time, since once the transaction has been carried out, the money will be automatically deposited in your bank account.

You can also easily manage all your transfers from your personal space, since they are identified, classified and tracked.

To sum up, Spayce makes sure to keep good working relationships. By using our tool, you are sure to avoid late payments and unpaid bills, and your professional relations remain healthy, based on punctuality and everyone's work.

What advantages for my clients?

Spayce guarantees you get paid for your work, but it goes both ways. Thanks to the preview of the files, your customer is sure that the work he ordered from you is compliant, and he is sure to receive the finalized work as soon as he pays.

Other advantages for your customers: they have access to the payment/download link for 7 days and they will receive a reminder by email 24 hours before the expiry date of the transfer to avoid oversights.

Finally, your customers also have the assurance of a secure transaction with maximum protection of their banking and personal data. Spayce is not just a payment solution, it is a security for you, your customer, and your professional relationship.

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