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Customers to avoid at all costs!

Customers to avoid at all costs!

Acquiring a new customer, personalizing the customer relationship, increasing customer satisfaction and building loyalty are at the center of your interests. These are the future ambassadors of customer satisfaction and will be levers for you to have even more new customers. However, be careful when it comes to customer relationship management: Every customer is different and satisfying their most difficult customers is sometimes impossible! You need to identify your existing customers and avoid complex customer relationships.

When customer relations cannot be automated...

Customer relationship management and relationship marketing are your strengths. Be careful not to capture customers whose satisfaction and loyalty completely escape you despite all your efforts. You can play with customer programs, sales efficiency and satisfaction surveys, but that's not what will boost their level of satisfaction or their enthusiasm as prospects. Here are the profiles of dissatisfied customers you wish you had never met.

The Vampire: The Fallacy of Placing the Customer at the Center of Their World

The customer relationship strategy must be personalized according to your relationships with consumers. However, be careful not to run into a "Vampire" customer or prospect. Grow your clientele, but adapt relationship programs with the vampire. The latter has a good customer relationship from the start. Then it quickly becomes overwhelming and suffocating, draining you of all your energy. How? 'Or' What ? This is a multi-channel customer who bombards you with phone calls to find out if everything is going well with their order or project.

Vampire customers are loyal customers who tend to push customers other than themselves into the background and become the bulk of the customer base. Sure, meeting customer needs is your job, nevertheless, the vampire customer's goals are to have it all right away! You can take corrective action and serve your vampire customers while trying to capture new customers. In the end, the loyalty of vampire customers is flawless and they are simply anxious.

The dissatisfied negotiator

Listening to your customers is essential, as is winning a customer. But as soon as you start feeling in the presence of the dissatisfied negotiator: run away!!! Customer dissatisfaction is a normal step in customer management and the information system. This is what the satisfaction questionnaire is for, as well as marketing actions and improving customer relations, with a view to building loyalty. To provide an impeccable customer journey and customer experience, your marketing strategy must be infallible.

Yes, but here it is: You won't get any ROI with an eternally dissatisfied negotiator. The latter only knows bargaining and complaints. Establishing a business relationship with this type of customers is impossible and they are dangerous for the future of your website. These customers think only of their needs and are even detractors of satisfied customers. The expectations of the negotiating customer are: Not expensive at all for top quality. Your brand image could suffer and their inappropriate comments could even scare away potential customers. Conquer new customers and forget the dissatisfied negotiator.

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