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Do I have to request a deposit from my client? What if he refuses?

Do I have to request a deposit from my client? What if he refuses?

Are you a micro-entrepreneur or freelancer offering services? You are perfectly entitled to request a deposit from your client. This is a guarantee of trust that can be included in your general conditions of sale if you wish. The establishment of a deposit invoice deductible from the total amount will then be mandatory.

Reasons for paying a deposit

You can never be too careful and you certainly do not want to embark on a debt collection procedure. Before the execution of the service, it is necessary that estimates and invoices are perfectly clarified. You are also fully entitled to request a deposit, up to 40% of the total amount of the service provided by your self-employed company.

The deposit is an advance payment that requires the establishment of a first paid invoice. The main objective of the deposit is to ensure that you make the customer pay the amount of the final invoice and to avoid any risk of non-payment at the time defined. You can claim deposits regardless of the price of your service.

The deposit to reassure the freelancer

Accounting is a mandatory step for a self-entrepreneur. If you have just started your micro-business, consider getting effective invoicing software to make your life easier. Becoming a freelancer is not easy and you could come across bad debtors when delivering goods or rendering services. Here's why creating deposit invoices is so useful: In case of non-payment by the customer, you can take this deposit for granted and issue a payment order. In the event of withdrawal, depending on your discount conditions and mandatory legal notices, your customer may also be exposed to penalties and will have to pay you a lump sum indemnity.

What if the customer refuses to pay the deposit?

In this case, no collaboration will be considered, except at your own risk! Your auto-entrepreneur status gives you the right to request a deposit to ensure that you invoice a service that will be well honored, on both sides. Rest assured: A true business customer will not skimp on paying the invoice or the amount of the deposit. He will obviously require in return an irreproachable quality of service!

Issuing a deposit invoice is an obligation

Installment invoices must be drawn up, in the same way as the service invoice. When the goods and services are delivered, a summary invoice will be issued. This must include all the mandatory information, the self-employed quote, the goods and the amounts of previous invoices issued for regularization. The issuance of the final invoice is also the last stage of collaboration between the merchant (the freelancer) and his client. The same invoicing rules therefore apply for a deposit as for the sales invoice. And each new action requires a new invoice.

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