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Freelance and foresight: coping with hard knocks

Freelance and foresight: coping with hard knocks

Is social security the same for those who exercise liberal professions or an independent professional activity? How does financial security in the event of incapacity for work work for a self-employed person? Whatever your legal status, health and welfare to maintain your standard of living must be at the heart of your priorities as a self-employed worker. Your solution? Take out a health insurance policy

Provident contracts: For what and for whom?

Complementary health insurance is a necessity for self-employed workers in order to protect themselves against any unforeseen events. Self-employed workers are not covered by the same pension plan as executive or monthly employees. The system for paying daily allowances is therefore not the same for freelancers and liberals. Nevertheless, a compulsory pension is necessary by way of health insurance.

The provident insurance contract will allow the insured to protect himself in the event of hardship, that is to say in the event of work stoppage, whether it is a question of temporary incapacity or permanent incapacity. Individual provident cover is professional provident cover against all the risks and accidents of life. This special freelance health and social welfare protection will be used to cover all expenses in the event of the insured person's death, disability, illness, life accidents or retirement.

The type of payment of the amount of the capital according to the responsible contract taken out

Additional provident cover offers different types of payments depending on the contract taken out with the insurer. So you can have:

- The payment of daily allowance following a temporary incapacity for work.

- The payment of a monthly pension in the event of a loss of autonomy or to the surviving spouse in the event of death.

Then note that these types of contracts have certain tax advantages and can offer you additional guarantees, such as the delivery of medication and childcare.

Setting up a pension contract: A real benefit for the freelancer?

Subscribing to a pension contract is additional social protection that can really protect you in the event of a hard blow or loss of income. This will allow you to compensate for the loss of your budget in the event of health expenses and medical expenses. If this contract is not a compulsory plan but an optional insurance, it can save you the day in many situations. If, for example, for a reason independent of you, you find yourself without freelance assignments with no income for a certain period of time, you will be delighted to be able to rely on your pension assets.

Certainly, your compulsory plan will cover you for certain allowances, however, you will not be able to really maintain your current standard of living because of the social security ceiling. Note in addition that at the Social Security of the Self-Employed, for a person with self-employed status: You will not be able to benefit from any compensation in the event of a glitch if your activity is not more than a year old.

Installment invoices must be drawn up, in the same way as the service invoice. When the goods and services are delivered, a summary invoice will be issued. This must include all the mandatory information, the self-employed quote, the goods and the amounts of previous invoices issued for regularization. The issuance of the final invoice is also the last stage of collaboration between the merchant (the freelancer) and his client. The same invoicing rules therefore apply for a deposit as for the sales invoice. And each new action requires a new invoice.

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