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Freelancers and money: how to organize to overcome precariousness?

Freelancers and money: how to organize to overcome precariousness?

Without real organization, precariousness can quickly set in for a freelancer. Orders can flood in one period and the next moment you experience a shortage of customers. It is therefore necessary that you know how to organize yourself and above all set goals in order to avoid bankruptcy in the middle of the month. If you want to know how to manage your money, reading this article should be your priority.

Be active on internet platforms

As a freelancer, it is of paramount importance, to overcome precariousness, that customers use your services. How can they get there if they don't know you or can't contact you easily? In reality, many freelancers don't take the scope of this fact.

To solve the problem, you must always fill in your contact details on your various social networks. Whether on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others, the customer must be able to access you without getting in the way. Also, your email must be communicated. Providing a phone number will only strengthen your strategy.

If you want to go further, creating a blog becomes necessary. By communicating about your work, you will already have the opportunity to be closer to your potential customers.

Do not denigrate the missions and be efficient

For a freelancer, not all missions can have the same challenge. But you should treat big and small assignments exactly the same. Indeed, a new client will only entrust you with a small scope mission for the first time, simply to test your skills.

If you are efficient, he will trust you much more. By understanding this, your orders will go crescendo. Thus, you will have more missions, more positive feedback and a salary all year round. Note that to achieve this goal, you will need to balance your order books in order to alternate large and small orders.

Put your knowledge to use

A freelancer is also someone who knows how to use his knowledge to get more clients. It is important that you set up a network that can help you with this task. Because of this, you also build your reputation. For example, if you are a graphic designer and you work with a printer, you can ask them to recommend you to their clients.

It is often accepted that a satisfied customer is a great advertisement. By being irreproachable, your customers will be more likely to give you word of mouth. You should not neglect any of the actors.

Organize your expenses

In addition to the strategies put in place, the organization of your expenses is a factor to take into account. To put the odds on your side, it is better to imagine that your remuneration is stable. You will then be forced to save. This way, in times when customers are scarce, you will always have enough to survive.

Even if it is your sector of activity that is experiencing problems, you will not be caught off guard, the time to revive your activities.

Finally, get paid on time ! It may seem logical, but in some cases you will tend to let your payments run. In order to best protect you, there are tools, such as Spayce, for example, which will allow you to avoid late payments and non-payments. You guarantee the payment of your work on time and you avoid hassle.

To avoid precariousness when you are a freelancer, start by being active on Internet platforms. Also, do not denigrate the missions and be irreproachable. It is also essential that you use your knowledge. Finally, know how to organize your expenses.

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