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My client is asking for more than what was provided for in the quote, what should I do?

My client is asking for more than what was provided for in the quote, what should I do?

Auto-entrepreneurs always receive requests for detailed quotes and free quotes for their services. Establishing a good quote for agreement is the first step in a fruitful collaboration. However, once the quotes have been signed and the work completed, your client asks you to carry out additional work. What to do in this case ? Write an additional quote! Unless your previous precise estimate already included an estimated amount for additional work. Otherwise, an amendment to the initial estimate must be drafted.

Establish a precise estimate as a precaution

As a freelancer and service provider, you have the obligation to provide a detailed estimate to your client before the start date of the work. Consider including everything in this professional quote:

- The period of validity of the estimate,

- The unit price of the service provision excluding taxes

- The price of the services in total with the VAT rate included

- Travel expenses

- Cases of overrun with damages

These elements will be added to the mandatory information that is necessarily found in an estimate for work or the provision of services. Establishing a detailed estimate will save you a lot of disappointment. Any work of a paid nature must be the subject of a handwritten mention. For the customer, having a preliminary estimate generally means that he fears having to pay an amount higher than what was agreed. You are therefore fully entitled to refuse other elements of work not included in the first estimate.

Case of Force Majeure: Perform a Breakdown Service

The signature of the accepted quote is contractual and implies the responsibility of both parties. Service providers must create an estimate and respect it within the framework of their self-employment. If the services to the person, services or work carried out have been carried out, estimates and invoices are therefore properly completed. The customer can nevertheless request an additional estimate which you are entitled to contest. However, as a self-employed person, writing an endorsement quote adds to the total amount to be invoiced: It would be a shame to miss this opportunity. The Individual who accepts a quote presented goes to the payment of a deposit with mention good for agreement.

Completion: Client wants more without paying more than original quote amount

What if the customer declines the new quote, down payments and only wants an extension to what was quoted? As long as it is not mentioned on the quote, you are not obliged to give in to anything. You have provided a quote for the time spent on your assignment based on contract value: That is more than enough. Explain to the client amicably that your mission is complete and that he must request an additional quote if he wants something else. In the meantime, he must go to the terms of payment to settle what he owes you, that is to say the global sum excluding the installments.

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