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Top 5 Best Project Management Tools for Entrepreneurs

Top 5 Best Project Management Tools for Entrepreneurs

When you are a micro-entrepreneur, it is essential to be able to organize yourself quickly. It is for this reason that we have selected our top 5 of the most practical and efficient platforms for managing your projects.

1/ Trello

Trello is on e of the most used management tools. If it has made its mark with both micro-entrepreneurs and large companies, it is thanks to its ease of use. Inspired by the Kanban method, it allows you to divide a project into different stages, which are presented in the form of columns. This allows you to list your objectives or evaluate your progress with columns such as: "To do", "In progress" and "Done".

2/ Monday

Monday is a Trello competitor, dedicated to project management. The platform allows you to organize your work and the tasks to be carried out, to always be up to date. Different modes are possible: calendar, graphics, files, map, timeline… to allow you to find, as easily as possible, the information you are looking for.

3/ Notion

Notion is a sort of all-in-one workspace. The software brings together the main features of its competitors: Tello, Monday, Evernote, Google Docs, Airtable, Confluence... thanks to multiple functions. It is possible to manage your tasks, your databases, take notes, manage projects or even collect your documents.

4/ Calendly

Calendly aims to make it easier to book appointments with clients or organize meetings. The software displays your availability and the customer just has to choose his slot directly via the platform. This avoids back and forth emails to reach an agreement and saves time.

5/ Todoist

Todoist is an e application to better manage your to do list. It is one of the most complete applications in the field. It allows you to report your tasks, organize your projects in folders, schedule deadlines and set reminders. It is also a collaborative application, since it allows you to assign tasks to other people.

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