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Top 5 difficulties faced by freelancers

Top 5 difficulties faced by freelancers

Contrary to what one might think, a large majority of freelancers are freelancers by choice. According to a study conducted by Malt in 2019, nearly 9 out of 10 freelancers have already been employed in a company, but 88% do not wish to (re)become full-time. However, freelancing is not easy! This status requires, among other things, good organization and great determination. No one is immune to the 5 main difficulties that this life choice can cause.

1/ Unstable incomes

We can NEVER predict the amount of our income for the next month. A project that falls through, a client who leaves us at the last moment, difficulty in completing an assignment... All these circumstances mean that you can earn €4,000 one month and only €300 the following month.

Trick. Save the most profitable months and smooth your income over the year. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, in other words, try to work with several clients simultaneously.

2/ Loneliness

As a freelancer, you are the only master on board the ship. If a customer is dissatisfied, you can only blame yourself. It is difficult to share our successes, our failures, our doubts…. This isolation that we sometimes feel on a daily basis can weigh on morale, motivation and productivity, even the quality of the work provided.

Trick. You can join a coworking space, participate in events set up for freelancers (networking, aperitifs), be part of a freelance collective. The larger (and caring) your network is, the less lonely you will feel.

3/ Administration

Depending on the status of your company, you must hire (or not) an accountant, manage your business expenses, edit your quotes and invoices, pay your taxes, VAT, think about insurance and your retirement! All these administrative tasks are added to your core business.

Trick. There are many tools (paid or not) created especially for freelancers. They make it possible to automate certain time-consuming administrative tasks.

4/ Bad payers

Respecting payment deadlines from clients is essential for any freelancer. Delays and unpaid invoices are commonplace in the world of entrepreneurship. What could be more frustrating for a freelancer who has worked on a project not to find the amount agreed with his client in his bank account?

Trick. You can go through Spayce. This payment platform d edicated to freelancers allows files to be transferred via Spayce by indicating the amount that the client will have to pay for the service. The latter receives a link allowing him to preview the documents. He can only really download them after paying.

5/ Find new customers

As a freelancer, finding clients is a vital mission. You are not only an expert in your field, you are also - and above all - a business leader. And like any entrepreneur, signing new contracts is an essential task in your daily life to be able to continue working on your own. Prospecting can be very complicated, especially when you are not used to "selling yourself".

Trick. Work on your “personal branding” to attract customers without having to pick them up yourself. Social networks, website, blog, graphic charter, logo, business card: everything must be thought out to highlight your expertise. This must meet the needs of your prospects.

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