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User feedback:

User feedback:

Guillaume, manager of the communication agency, tells us his st ory and why he decided to use Spayce with his clients.

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Guillaume Carrot, I am 34 years old, I am in a relationship, the father of a one-year-old boy and the manager of In my opinion, when it comes to design, two aspects are essential: simplicity and clarity. The perfect design is born from these two elements. It is from this simple observation that my teams approach each of the works entrusted to us in order to always offer an optimum and attractive result.

How did you start?

From a very young age, I have loved creation, drawing, video... Holder of a general baccalaureate in sales, I decided to take up a professional baccalaureate which suited me more and I pushed all the way to the baccalaureate +2 communication of graphic industries. I have been in the graphic industry for almost 20 years, initially as a printer, it was a knee problem that prompted me to resume training in graphic design.

How did you come to create

After working and gaining experience in several studios and communication agencies around Paris, I decided 4 years ago to come back to Charente-Maritime to start my own business. First as a micro-entrepreneur, I developed my network and decided this year to open my company.

For those who do not know, could you explain its principle?

We are a global communication agency , a team of three people and we work with many service partners. We support brands and companies to develop their visibility with appropriate communication media. On the web or in the field, we are committed to enhancing the brand image of our customers in the most beautiful way.

Have you ever had a unique experience with a client? Funny, terrible...

There are a lot of them, I'm going to tell you about a scam attempt that we were the target of. It was last summer, I received an email via our online contact form. The client presents himself in writing and explains to me his project to create a logo and business card for his activity in the building industry.

I investigate the person and find a large number of companies in his name with very good turnover. So I try to contact him by phone, but no one answers. When in doubt, I still send an estimate and it comes back to me validated a few days later, signed by the manager. I therefore respond by email, thanking him for his trust and explaining the progress of the project as well as the terms of payment. He replies that I can send him the invoice directly and that he needs his visual identity as soon as possible for his new structure.

The project begins, the client validates everything very quickly, which is very suspicious in our field, so I answer him that there will be delivery of the files of his logo and his business card only once his payment received. I receive an email immediately, informing me that the transfer has just been made, but that the accountant made a mistake, he would have transferred 1000 euros too much! I am therefore kindly asked to return this amount. Before doing anything, I contact my bank, my adviser does not see a pending transfer, but the next day, he calls me back, I had received a check for 1000 euros more than the amount of the service , from a stolen checkbook!

A scam commonly referred to as the overpayment scam. Fortunately, I remained on my guard and sensed something strange in our email exchanges, because my adviser informed me that about fifteen people had been victims of this scam in the last two months…

In the end, we wasted time working on this dummy project, we didn't get any money for the work we did, but we didn't lose any...

Have you ever used Spayce with your service providers? If so, what were your reasons for doing so?

After this experience, we decided to use Spayce to transfer our files and make sure we got paid . Once the files are uploaded, we indicate our price agreed with the customer and he must proceed to the payment to download his files. It's simple and secure, the money is paid directly into our bank account. We have had no more payment or dunning problems since we have been working with Spayce, and in addition to being an effective solution, it is very affordable!

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