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Which prospecting strategy?

Which prospecting strategy?

Prospecting new clients is a crucial step when starting a freelance activity. Indeed, you need to find new customers and prospect new markets so that your individual business can function and develop. This is the risk when you are on your own account: Without prospecting work, no work at all and therefore, no conversion rate, purchase path or commercial leverage. Basically, no portfolio of existing customers.

Prospecting, what is it and what is it for?

Launching a commercial prospecting campaign makes it possible to find new customers. Be careful, not every new prospect is a relevant potential customer who will be interested in what you sell or in the service you offer. To develop its commercial activity, it is necessary to conquer a new clientele which really constitutes the good commercial target.

Prospecting method: Winning well-targeted new customers

For your prospecting project or canvassing activity, consider performing a segmentation to find customers in a well-defined prospecting area. To acquire new customers, you need to find the right approach, find the right interlocutor who will promote word-of-mouth. You will be able to ensure that you obtain qualified contacts and even reach a new target, or why not capture a new clientele.

There are many prospecting techniques today that make it easy to find customers. You have telephone prospecting with making contact and making appointments. Note that this prospecting strategy is not the most popular in btoc, but it is still very effective in B2b. It is used in particular to reach new markets thanks to innovative and relevant prospecting tools.

Commercial strategy to prospect new customers: Propose an interesting commercial offer

How do you find clients when you're self-employed? Note that as a self-employed person, you must seek clients so that your professional activity can continue. The level of difficulty in expanding your customer base will depend mainly on your profile, your experience and your expertise in customer acquisition.

Your website is the showcase of your work. Consider automating it and discover mailing as a prospecting channel and commercial tool. To position your offer on the market and increase your sales force in order to capture new customers, you must also highlight your skills. This can happen through direct marketing or digital marketing on search engines.

Advertise to acquire new markets

Finding the ideal client requires a more elaborate prospecting effort, with increased commercial efficiency. The best prospecting technique is to highlight what differentiates you. Qualifying your targeting with perfectly studied inbound marketing is the first step. Your future customers must also be able to easily find your pitch on social networks, in the form of a presentation for a first contact. Then note that you will need some prospecting time and a lot of elbow grease before you get a real return on investment. However, the game is worth it!

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