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Why and how to blog?

Why and how to blog?

Wondering how to start a blog and why start a professional blog? Opening your professional blog as a freelancer can be a good alternative to creating a site. This is a very effective natural referencing and content marketing strategy to make you known. So how do you start a blog that works as a replacement or addition to your e-commerce website? Starting to launch a blog under Wordpress, for example, is very easy, without any need for special technical knowledge. Attracting readers and new customers is a completely different matter.

Make an internet blog and manage your blog

Creating your own French blog and buying a domain name now also seems mandatory to create a network and make yourself known to future customers. A blog site isn't just for influencers: It can also help you find clients and boost your business, if you're just getting started on your own. On the other hand, it is true that setting up an effective blog that you can monetize or that will help you stand out in your sector of activity is not easy.

How to create your sole proprietorship blog or blog in your own name as a freelancer? How do you know if you're ready to write your first full article? How is content creation going and how to best manage your blog when you are new to the field? So many questions that arise about creating a hosted wordpress blog when you have no knowledge on the subject.

Create your site to make it profitable

As part of your business, becoming a professional blogger is not a priority. However, you have seen that creating a popular blog could be very useful for earning more and making your business profitable. By reading every article on the internet, you have seen how to make money with a profitable blog and you have realized that you can even live from your blog.

If blogging and monetization are not really your goal, creating a free and customizable blog will allow you to make money according to your niche. Opt for a good web hosting for a few euros to optimize your natural referencing and boost your sales of services / products. This will allow you to be better indexed on search engines and improve your brand image.

Start a Blog for Free: Get Trained or Hire Someone

How to make a blog ? Site building isn't your thing and you don't know how to build a blog? Participate in a pro blogger training so that an expert explains to you how to create and reference your blog, how to choose a domain name and how to find customers more easily. You can also hire a webmarketer to create your professional website or blog, but in the end you will have to learn how to manage it to have readers and future customers!

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