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“Your quote is too expensive”: how to react?

“Your quote is too expensive”: how to react?

Working as a freelancer and exercising a professional activity as a micro-entrepreneur often comes up against this kind of reflection. Do your clients find that as a freelancer your prices for services are too high? What is your reaction as a freelancer who no longer depends on a gross salary and has to charge for his freelance assignments to pursue your freelance project? By explaining to your potential customers how the freelance market works and what they gain from it!

Should you lower your price to find missions?

Becoming self-employed has its pros and cons. Working as a freelance web freelancer means that your job will always come up against regular price bargaining. To work independently, you will need to find new long-term clients and offer them your assignment offers. To work independently, you can apply daily rates or an hourly rate, depending on the calculation method chosen.

Since you are not working full-time and are not dependent on a monthly salary, you may tend to want to lower your average daily salary to find clients. While for freelance writers and other service providers it may seem like a good idea at first to find an assignment, it will not help you in the long term to become more independent. Working independently does not mean giving in to all negotiations at the risk of losing profitability in the name of freelance research.

I work as a freelancer: I prove the value of my services and my skills

Working as a freelancer is not easy, especially when you are in a very competitive business sector. Landing a mission and a service contract is now an obstacle course when we know that clients will have no trouble finding another IT freelancer, natural referencing consultant, independent consultant or even another writer. . Finding a freelancer is very easy. On the other hand, finding the one that will give them complete satisfaction is another thing and this is what you will have to emphasize.

My arguments to my clients

Your website is your first showcase as an independent intermediary. You have built up a relevant professional network as an external consultant. You must now do your own web marketing and demonstrate why you are asking for these fees. What do you have to offer more than competition in return?

Becoming a self-employed freelancer means being totally independent, however this has its advantages and disadvantages. You can work several days a week at no time and yet hear that your quote is too expensive for the price of a day or for the hourly rate. The solution ? Highlight your level of expertise and highlight the qualities of your service delivery. Also explain that this is the current market price for a freelance assignment and stress that it will take you a certain number of working days and that you offer great flexibility. You can also explain that this daily rate takes into account social charges and professional expenses.

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